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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Soviet vs US

Warsaw Pact
Dimitri Kasparov
VS United States
Cool Breeze

Soviets advance on American positions

Soviet forces blitz into American controlled territory. The US Armor stands its ground through the first couple of turns but the Hinds take advantage of rear armor and are able to avoid the VADS reach. One unit goes down after a failed morale check when only one M1 was active after the Soviet shooting. The other Combat team of M1's suffers the same fate soon afterwards as the Afgantsy assault group advances on the US Mech Platoon holding the shop and house in the center of the board. The Mech Platoon takes some serious pounding by BMP-2s and AGS from the small Motor Rifle Company across the square. The assault begins and the remaining 3 M249 teams try desperately to pin the Afgantsy but fall short by 1 hit. Two of the M249 teams are wiped out in the assault and the remaining teams are trapped in the upper floor and inside the garage and are destroyed. The US has only its HQ and some dwindling units remaining but in the end they were forced to withdraw from battle with the stragglers that remained.

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Warsaw Pact
Dimitri Kasparov