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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Cat's Paw

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Breakthrough Company and support flanks the Leo 2s

I took a T72 Battalion against Ross' West German Leopard 2 Company. I had two T72 Coys, a BMP2 Recce Pl, a BMP2 Inf Pl, a BM21 battery, 2 Hinds and 2 Gophers. He had 7 x Leo 2s, a Marder Pl, a Jaguar Pl, Marders, Roland's and 2 x 2 Luchs.

I deployed 1 x T72 Coy, the BM21s and the Recce BMPs. My plan was to draw him out of position with my on table force and then seize an objective with my breakthrough force.

His 2 x Leo 2 Platoons wiped out my on-table T72 Coy, but my breakthrough force wiped out one Leo 2 Platoon and seized the objective. My Recce BMP2s acted as a distraction force, keeping his late Leo 2 Platoon from getting in position to contest, but dying in the process.

Overall 4:3 Pact victory. A fun, swirling game where my gambit of sending out live bait paid off, at great cost to the bait! It looked pretty bleak at the end of Turn 2, but the resulting flank shots in Turn 3 turned the tide.

Furball at the objective - light vehicles burn as the tanks dominate the field
My on-table T72 Coy starts to burn under the guns of seven Leo 2s - live bait!

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Warsaw Pact