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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Ghosts of War from the past.

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Pavel Pavlov

Story of Captain Wiliams of 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment. Part 5.

When we looked other players's report we saw many small cars that were used for decoration. We do not have small cars at all (yet), but we have many tanks from FoW. And then we came up with how to use them!

The battlefield is a completely fictional tank museum, which is not in the area of Leipzig but maybe it could be there.
In order not to spoil the museum's territory with obdjective's, we did not put them on the territory of the museum. The first obdjective was KV-2, the second Focke-Wulf Fw 190

Captain Williams quickly walked on the location of his battle group to the headquarters tent. Just yesterday he met with Sergeant Carson in the hospital and thought that the war for him was temporarily "Paused." But in the morning he sent an urgent order and all the lightly wounded tankmen were recalled from the hospitals, who could participate in the battles.
He rushed into the tent and his arrival caused astonished exclamations among his tankmen and infantrymen.
- What's wrong, sir? Why such haste? - Carson asked, jumping up.
- The British corps is blocked by Soviet troops in Hanover. They could not escape themselves and now we must save them. We have two days, and if we can not that many good guys will not see our victory.
- And what's the plan?- Carson asked with interest.
- It's very simple. Everyone who can fight today goes into battle. And we will go to the point of impact. On the tanks! -

As usual, Williams sent the infantry in the first wave with a cover from the helicopters, that they would explore the territory.
"Captain, we see tanks, many tanks, and some strange ones." Reported the helicopters. " "And what do they do?" Asked Williams. "They are standing." Answered the helicopter pilots. "It's like a big yard, hangars and it seems we see an airplane."
Williams led his platoon in front of him to personally verify the report. And before him appeared a huge courtyard filled with old vehicles from the times of the Second world War. "Damn it! It's a museum! "He admired.
He was rudely interrupted by enemy BMPs that appeared on the edge of the forest near the museum.
Williams quickly moved his tanks to the BMP that would not give them time to aim his tanks open fire immediately knocked out one BMP.
From the corner of his eye, Williams glanced at the exposition of the vehicles on the site.

But the silence of the museum was deceptive.

Watch the video until the end!

And moving forward Williams suddenly saw a stir among the tanks standing on the landing.
And a second later, the T-72s standing in the middle of the old tanks opened fire, and the two Abrams of the first platoon were flamed with huge bonfires.
"Damn! Second platoon! Urgently here! "Williams shouted into the radio and Abrams of the second platoon appeared on the hill.
Williams quickly ordered to move his tank face to the Soviet tanks and opened fire.
Carson quickly led his platoon into an attack on the BMP. He knew for sure that now or he would distract them, or the Williams tank would be shot from two sides.
The commander of the helicopters also realized that the tanks should be rescued and the cobra rushed to the BMP position.
Abrams of the second platoon, having risen on the hill, began to shoot at the T-72 and the first shot reached the target, destroying one of the T-72s.
Abrams is rapidly converging with the T-72 and the shells from both sides began to shred the hull's of the exposed tanks.
"Faster! Faster! "Carson shouted at his platoon, running into the museum. "We have to get around them while Abrams keep a blow!"
The shootout from the Abrams and T-72 took place with victims on both sides.
Carson with another team of Dragons hiding behind standing exhibits ran into the flank of the T-72 and immediately opened fire.
The T-72 began to explode one by one after the "Dragons" of the infantry began punching their sides.
"Carlson, once again I owe you." Williams said in the radio. "After the war we'll be counted," answered Krson.
And then from behind the building of the museum appeared Soviet tanks and opened fire with machine guns on infantry.
Carson and his company jerked forward to cover themselves with a fence, and Williams moved his tanks forward by opening fire. "Damn !!" Carson shouted when Abrams shells began to whistle over his head. But before the infantry could hide, both T-72s were enveloped in fire.
Cobras jerked at the interception and saw the BMP advancing behind enemy tanks.
Cobra stabilized under the gunfire and two of their missiles destroyed the BMP.
The remnants of the T-72 platoon went around the museum and went to the American tanks in the rear. But we could not aim at the huge old KV-1 tank behind which stood the Williams tank.
Williams saw the shelling and using the power of his Abrams quickly moved to the T-72 directly on the museum's exhibits.
Minute. Several shots of American tanks and the battle ended. Two T-72 blazed.

We played Leipzig Dust Up and the enemy helicopters did not even have time to enter the battlefield.
Sorry for my bad English.

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