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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


Warsaw Pact
Ilya Semionov
VS British
Alexandr Shamilov

We played a big 300+ points Total War battle in Saint Petersburg, and changed some rules to match it to the campaign. As we played 3 on 3, we decided to count it as three battles for the campaign, so divided the report into 3 parts.

[My apologies for those unhappy with the report being published as three parts. Please read the report from the first part, pay attention to the comments under the second part, and try to understand the situation I got into. Keep calm and read the final part of the report, comrade!]

That is the third part of the Battle Report.

Please find the first part here: https://firestorm.warconsole.com/battles/ilya-semionov-vs-konstantin-vasilyev-1505830476#publish

Careful fire from Chieftain tanks supported by hard-hitting A-10 beasts decimated the T-72 company on the right Soviet flank.
Another T-72 company was destroyed by Leo-2s fire supported by the West German helicopters. At the same time, despite the heavy losses, the advancing T-55AM2s managed to deal with the American M109 artillery battery.
While Leo-2s were busy killing the Soviet and GDR tanks, BMPs returned fire, getting rid of one West German panzer.
FRG Marders and Gepards advanced in an attempt to stop the assaulting Soviet infantry and make a threat to the East German BMPs.
Konkurs platoon worked safely from the woods at the Leo-2s in the center of the NATO positions, and as soon as the panzers were set afire, the VDV advanced to envelope the NATO troops on the left Soviet flank.
Another VDV company together with their Motor Rifle comrades launched an attack for the central NATO objective.
The GDR attack was grinding through the remnants of the American defence, while the West German counterattack costed a lot of perfect Leo-2s turning to metal scrap while hurrying towards their American buddies.
After finishing their five o'clock tea, British tankers launched a delayed attack onto the Soviet objective they were ordered to capture several hours ago.
The last Leo-2 tried to help his foot-slogging compatriots to hold against the full-scale Soviet attack.
Concentrated fire from Gepard and Marders damaged so many East German BMPs that the crews decided to run for their lives and abandoned the burning vehicles.
The British attack was so slow you even didn't need to move forward to keep in pace with it.
Even after making the GDR infantry abandon their transports the FRG attack was doomed: the furious socialist fighters used their AT assets to make short work of their capitalist counterparts.
West Germans were demoralized with that GDR assault, failing two 3+ morale tests and a 2+ company Last Stand test in a row! That took the West Germans out of the game.
The Soviets secured the central objective, making the British to counterattack it...
while still hoping for the positive outcome of the slow advance at the right Soviet flank.
Mot.-Schuetzen attacked passing by the burning wrecks of the T-55AM2 panzers. The good news was there were almost no capitalists left to stop their advance.
VDV worked in cooperation with their East German allies, making the NATO think of its flank.
As the VDV and Shilkas made the American AA defence ineffective, the Mi-24s returned! Their precise fire destroyed the last three Abrams tanks and left the panicking American infantymen unsupported.
The flanking attack of the British costed them another Chieftain, and their spirits turned to bad, as the only tank advancing along the Company commander was starting to doubt the favourable outcome of the operation.
A lone T-55AM2 of the Panzer company commander pushed the Americans off the objective after a short round of close combat.
Soviet artillery kept the central group of the Chieftains under rolling barrage of fire, making one of the crews to bail out.
East Germans secured the objective and made the last two stand of Americans flee the battle, as their formation was not in Good Spirits any longer and the commander was lost earlier in the battle.
The British presence in the sector was not much longer than the American one. Their commander couldn't lie his troops into fighting their fellow workers any longer, and the British crews surrendered the battlefield to the WarPac winners!
Three Victory Pins were awarded to the battle-hardened WarPac commanders!

The epic struggle ended in a Total Victory for the Warsaw Pact. The costs were high, but it was another step to the World Revolution!

All the NATO forces were literally annihilated, showing the advantages of the Soviet operational and tactical planning.

But most of all, international friendship and high ideals of Marxism-Leninism made the Soviet and East German brother nations to gain this brilliant victory!

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Warsaw Pact
Ilya Semionov


  • bayankhan says:

    Great report. But I can only give it a 9. (Russian judge)

  • Fill says:

    It’s sad that NATO has lost, but we will certainly avenge!
    It is necessary to repeat it!

  • davehodo says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all. Nice win.

  • Storm Caller says:

    After reading all the other reports,

    I still believe it should be one large battle vs three battle based on the argument that one battle is one battle.

    But I now understand the reasoning behind the reason why it was done this way!

    So I says ten, ten with two hands and recommendation for this report.

    I’m going back and giving a recommendation on the other two also



  • Storm Caller says:

    How did WARSAWPAC get all three wins when in the first report it was 2 to 1?

    Still a great report!

  • fingolfen says:

    Great looking table. Nice looking game room as well… look at all of the awesome stuff! 😀