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Who's Guarding The Rearguard PT2

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Warsaw Pact
Jonathan @ Battlefront
VS British
Major Mess

My second lunchtime game was against Major Mess (AKA Matt) here in the UK office, and I was certain I was going to lose big time, as Matt is a very experienced player. However, my Soviets once again had numerical superiority and, to be brutally honest, my dice rolls were amazing!

It was down to my superior tactical genius that I won the game, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Matt had no AA support, while I had a HIND heavy force, taking out multiple platoons in single turns.

HINDS for the win!

(sorry for no photos for this one, was too busy having so much fun destroying Chieftains!)

(taken from my other game - I love HINDS!!)

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Warsaw Pact
Jonathan @ Battlefront