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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hard held ground

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L W Wood
VS Warsaw Pact

The Mechanised Infantry Deployed in the edge of the woods. Dug in they were prepared as best they code for the oncoming Russians. It wasn't the best field of view but put them in the best position to ambush anything breaking through the far hedge line. Anywhere else would have left them exposed to the approaching enemy. Scorpians formed a Recce screen on the left flank and the right flank was covered by a concealed swingfire troop. Hidden to the rear sat the Abbot battery guns trained in on the likely approach path.
It wasn't long before radio chatter confirmed two formations of T-64 were approach. A sighting report from the FOO on the left flank was abruptly cut off. It was safe to assume the spotter had been spotted and wouldn't by giving an further reports.
The Russians announced their arrival with spotting rounds falling close to the wood. The boys hunkered down in their foxholes ready for the barrage which, by a small miracle never came.
A contact reports came over the net followed by the distinct sound of Swingfire missiles launching. they had spotted the 2S1 Battery and confirmed two destroyed. The Scorpian troop confirmed the FOO's demise at the hands of T-64s. They fired only managing to bailout one of them before attempting to break contact.
They only thing the rest could do was sit tight and await the enemies arrival. The wait wasn't long. The Scorpians paid heavily losing two to the return of fire from T-64s. The second group of which move south along the road to take up firing positions facing the woods. The British Infantry braved it out taking minor casualties.
A second volley of Swingfire silenced the Soviet artillery. The boys were up several 66 and charly G flew out of the treeline. It was hard to tell if any found their mark through the dense hedge there were certainly no satisfying balls of flame.
The Anti Tank missiles must have had some effect as the T-64 decided to continue along the road rather than press home their attack. On the left flanked the Scorpians had fallen but only to be pursued by the enemy tanks who had now by join by a number of BMP-2. The reason for not pressing home their attack was suddenly clear. Two Frogfoot appeared from nowhere, undeterred by a hail of GPMG fire, they released their Salvo on to the wood. Again the boys were saved, only by the work they had put in preparing their positions.
Where the hell were the RAF come to that where were the rest of the support Brigade had promised to send?
The Russian Tanks were getting close. Nothing more had been heard from the recce screen on the left flank. The Swingfire troop were repositioning before they could be over run. The Abbot battery decided they couldn't sit and wait blind and repositioned until the spotted the enemy armour to the north on the left flank. A whoosh of rocket motor ended in a satisfying krump to the south of the wood. A Milan team had claimed a T-64 heading south on the road.
The T-64 on the left exchange direct fire with the Abbotts and continue to close in. It was a one sided fire fight heavily in favour of the tanks. The Frogfoots made another pass still braving the GPMG fire causing a number of casualties amongst the Infantry Platoon. The Swingfire troop paid the price for allowing the enemy to get too close caught in the open the T-64s on the road easily destroyed them both.
Finally the RAF put in an appearance. Or should that be a heroic flypast. Guided missiles from the Russian rear drove off two harriers the remaining to broke off their attack after an impressive wall of green tracer came up to meet them. Also to the North a flight on Lynx darted behind trees and buildings ready to engage the Soviet armour. But it was all too late the British position was now untenable it was time to fall back to the next defence line. Hopefully our Armour will be there waiting to support us.

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