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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Tank battle near Bad Staffelstein

Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv
VS United States

So it was time to take another attack on NATO positions in the Hof Corridor. The US tried to stem the Tide flooding in. Mission was Counterattack.

My force:
1x T-64 Comp. HQ incl. Kobra
5x T-64 Comp. incl. Kobra
4x T-64 Comp. incl. Kobra
13x BMP-2 Company
4x Shilka
3x Gvozdika
2x SU-25
3x BMP-1 Scouts

US force:
2x M1 Command
4x M1
3x M1
1x Infantery platoon
2x ITV
4x Vulcans
3x M109 (bomblets, mines, copperhead)

1. Turn
Flo put on his Command M1's, 1x M1 Platoon and the M109's on the table. His infantery platoon was Held in ambush. I split my Forces and put my BMPs and Scouts on the right side (with Spearhead I was able to put the BMPs a good way Forward). One of my T-64 companies on the left side and one directly in the middle.
I dashed Forward the BMPs and the got behind a hill. The small T-64 were moving behind the factory. The other Company was moving Forward, using the advanced stabs and fireing 5 rockets on the M109s. I was lucky and three burning wrecks were everything what was left of them.

Flo was unable to get some reinforcements. The M1 concentrated their fire on the advancing T-64 but without any succes. His command tanks managed to kill one T-64 of the other platoon.

2. Turn
Now his command tanks were in an exposed Situation, because he forgot that the Kobra Missile has a range of 48". I was able to bring my left T-64 Company into the side of the command Team and, lucky for him, managed only to destroy one tank. My BMPs unload their Cargo and were moving up the hill to shoot on the last command tank next turn. My T-64 killed to M1 on the objective.
Flo finally got a M1 platoon from reserve and moved agressively up to the other objective, where my infantery was near. The Shooting was very succesfull and every shoot counted. That left six BMPs burning. His infantery platoon was revealed and try Shooting some Missiles at the T-64. Without any succes.

3. Turn
My airforce was in the game. I focused them on the M1 platoon which arrived from reserve last turn. My BMPs received the order "Blitz move" and I rolled a 5. Lucky me. Now they were able to shoot their Konkurs Missiles. My T-64 platoon finished the last M1 on the other objective. The SU-25 were only able to bail one M1, the BMPs managed to bail another one. He rolled for morale and they stayed on the field. My small T-64 Company tried to flank his command M1 but they failed to hit him.
He received his ITV as reinforcement. In return his command tank destroyed one T-64. Flo's last M1crew got into their vehicles again and tried to attack the infantery. They killed some but I was again lucky and one single hit from my RPG's was enough that he failed his dice roll. Again. The M1 were falling back, the bailed out tank was captured by the brave soviet infantery man.

4. Turn
My SU-25 were back in Action again. But they were again just able to bail one M1. The single surving T-64 rolled on the hill, between the burning wrecks of the BMPs. The other T-64 Company was reducing the factory complex to rubble, but the US Boys were able to survive the carnage. The last M1 destroyed ma unlucky Scout platoon.

5. Turn
The BMPs managed to double bail the command M1 and Flo failed his morale test. The two M1 tried to destroy the single T-64 and were lucky. But he forgot to move his incoming Vulcans and the last M1 to the objective which my infantery Company was Holding. Victory for the Soviets.

The table
My BMPs dashing for the objective
My T-64 killing american tanks on the left side.
Infantery reveal in ambush
Bad day for the M109
Infantery swarming the objective
The arriving M1 take revenge
Firing line on the hill
My airforce in action... not...
My T-64 try to flank the command M1... not a very good idea
My brave soviet infantery preparing to fight the M1
My T-64 contesting the other objective
3" ... yes 3"... :) my infantery won the game

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv