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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Soviet V.S. Bundeswehr Skirmish

West German
Oberstleutnant Foehrkolb
VS Warsaw Pact
German List

West German V.S. Soviet

Turn 1
West Germans-
Leopard 1s moved up being careful to avoid the open, although it was night, there was no need to up there weak front armor in range of possible bails. Marders also made their way to the objective in the forest next to them.

The soviets bogged down 6 BMP-2s between the two companies attempting to pass through the river and surrounding terrain. Acacias extended under cover of night to fire from cover. The 4x ZSU company moved out to cover the right flank to fight incoming reserves along with the Acacia OP. At the end of the turn several BMP-2s managed to make their way to combat positions.

Turn 2
West Germans-
AMBUSH! Four Gepards appeared in the crop field adjacent to the BMP company ready to annulated them in a single turn. Coordinating with the Leopard 1s they charged. The Marders Finally succeeded in covering the open gap in the center of the board.

Leo 1s Destroyed 5 BMPs in the first volley with 5 infantry teams failing to exit the BMPs and also being destroyed. One Gepard fired on the final BMP destroying it. Then the last three fired into the infantry that survived and killed another 3. The Soviets passed the morale test required and then the Gepards "Scoot and Shoot" back into the Crop field.

Infantry was successfully unpinned and retreated into the woods while the rest of the BMP-2 company moved to reform with the survivors but bogged two more BMP-2s. Shilkas extended the reach deeper into the uncontested right half of the battle field. The second BMP company continued to move across the bridge in the center to cut off he Leopard 1s and Gepards from the objectives.

The BMP company by the church fired into the Leopard 1s and missed!

Turn 3-
West Germans
No reserves arrived
Gepards blitzed up and moved full tactical to fire into the supporting Acacias and finish off BMP-2s. Leopard 1s also blitzed and prepared to return fire on the BMP-2 company around the church. The Marders shuffled bogging two.

Gepards killed 1 BMP and bailed 2 along with one infantry team. Gepards also fired and killed the formation CO BMP and Commander. Leo 1s destroyed 1 BMP in company 2.
(CO+BMP Company+ Infantry company)= 3 Victory points

Soviets Deploy Infantry from the surviving BMP company. Then the BMP company rushed up to fire on the Leo 1 company's flank. As well as quietly contesting the objective.

A lone BMP killed 1 Gepard with its rocket and the infantry fired on the Leo 1s missing outright along with the flanking attempt from the BMP.

Turn 4- (Daylight breaks)
Spah Trupp arrived from the opposite corner. The Leopard 1s move to a position to fire back at the BMPs, bogging on leo 1 in the forest directly in front of the infantry company. The marders attempted to move again also.... and still bogged.

Leopard 1s and the nearby infantry company near the objective poured fire into the BMPs killing 6 of them and thus removing them from the objective. Gepards fire into Acacias destroying all three.

(Acacias)=1 VP +3 = 4 VP

Infantry move into some buildings and into the woods to cover ground and spread fire.

BMP destroyed another single Gepard with a rocket. Shilkas open full fire onto the Spah Trupp destroying them.
(Luchs)=1 V.P.

Infantry assault the lone Leopard 1 that is bogged in the woods and the leopard 1s consolidated into them and break the soviets off. No leopards were lost.

Turn 6-
West Germans
No hostile forces were within 8 inches of any objectives thus it was a German victory!
Germans lost one Luchs trupp
5-2 victory

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West German
Oberstleutnant Foehrkolb


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    nice pic and report, the last West German win before we pulled out, well done

  • AlohaRover says:

    Nice report. Cool looking table

  • Red Alert says:

    Valiant effort for nothing, Schleswig Holstein has fallen and the Warsaw Pact is now fighting in the streets of Copenhagen.

    (Lucky for you to get that report in before the area was locked)

  • Oberstleutnant Foehrkolb says:

    Thanks guys!
    The river always makes things interesting and normally it plays to the soviet advantage. The river was deep (impassible) but since soviets have amphibious IFVs so it shouldn’t have been a problem. My opponent rolled fairly poorly and bogged multiple vehicles. Then I managed to catch them in the open utilizing the his poor cross checks at night. Any German general would run a reconnaissance company to meet a large number enemy at a terrain piece like a river. The reasoning is the terrain funnels them down into a more manageable force (I didn’t set up the board) but it seems like a good reason to have it.

  • Baron says:

    Nicely painted army and good you had some pictures added 🙂
    Never played with a river, was it a problem?

  • Michael Mosgaard says:

    Congratulations on an excellent victory!

    Very nice pictures as well, I like the river in particular

  • Volkov says:

    Very nice report! Great looking armies too. 🙂