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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Due to having reserves I start with one Leopard 1 unit, 1 Marder unit och 1 Jaguar 2 unit on the table, the Jaguars are in ambush. So I have 2 Leopard units, 1 Leopard 2 unit and Gepards in reserves.

Round 1 – East Germans (Warsaw Pact)
- Infantry moving towards the closest objective
- BMP-2 rushes towards the enemy deployment zone with eager infantry inside their armored hull.
- T-72M drives towards the Leopard 1’s. 5 T-72M bogs down while maneuvering through the woods.
- T-72M kills one Leopard 1 out of a squad of three.
- 2S1 Carnation bombards the Panzergrenadier Zug and removes one infantry base.

Round 1 – West Germans (NATO)
- No roll for reserves. He looks worried…
- Jaguar 2 arrives from ambush, passes a blitz test, places them where he wants them, facing T-72M.
- Marder Zug moves up to challenge my BMP-2 transports. One bogs down.
- He opens fire with Marder Zug vs my BMP-2 = 1 Destroyed, 3 Bailed
- Jaguar 1 vs T-72M = 1 Bailed
- Grenadier Zug vs T-72M = 1 Bailed
- Leopard 1 vs T-72M = 3 Hits, 3 Saves! (I never get to save my T-72M normally…)

Round 2 – East Germans (Warsaw Pact)
- T-72M remount test, 1 remount, 1 doesn’t.
- BMP-2 remount test. None…
- Barons infantry moves towards one of the objectives and holds it.
- 1 x T-72M bogs down when attempting to move.
- 5 x T-72M fires against the Leopard 1 and scores no hits.
- 4 x T-72M fires against Jaguar 2 and again no hits!
- 6 x BMP-2 fires against Marder Zug = 1 Destroyed, 1 Bailed.
- Morale test for Marder Zug and they fail and are removed from the game.

Round 2 – West Germans (NATO)

- No roll for reserves.
- Panzergrenadier Zug Milans fire against T-72M’s and kills one! I’m down to 9.
- Jaguar 2 aims and kills another two T-72M’s. I’m down to 7 now.
- Leopard 1 fires against my T-72M’s and misses. PUH!
Round 3 – East Germans (Warsaw Pact)
- BMP-2 fails their remount yet again. Down to 9 active transports.
- Small infantry unit at the objective digs in and are now in foxholes.
- The Mot-Shützen infantry disembarks from the BMP-2 Transports and start to move towards
the Jaguar 2. They fire their RPG-7 rockets and score a kill on one Jaguar 2! Go INFANTRY!
- BMP-2 opens fire with their AT-5 Spandrels and kills the remaining two.
- 2S1 Carnation fires against the Panzergrenadiers and kills 1 more.
- T-72M concentrates on the Leopard 1 unit, kills one and forces a morale check
- The Leopard 1 fails their morale test and are removed from the table.

Round 3 – West Germans (NATO)
- I rolls a dice and big smile appears on his face as he rolls a 5!
I immediately brings in the Leopard 2’s and moves them up against the side/rear of my T-72M’s
- Panzergrenadier Zug with Milans fire towards the T-72M’s and destroy TWO! Like what?!
I’m down to 5 now.
-My HQ Leopard 1 sneaks around the corner and fires upon the BMP-2 and kills one transport.
- One Leopard 1 fires against the BMP-1 on the wheat field and kills TWO. These rolls…
- Two Leopard 2 aims and fired against the T-72M’s and scored all hits, killed three and bailed one.
- Baron have to make a test for my T-72 since I’m not in “Good Spirit”.
Having one active, 1 bailed and numerous destroyed T-72M’s, so I let my Commander join to give
them +2 morale for the roll.
- Baron fails the roll with a roll of a 1

Round 4 – East Germans (Warsaw Pact)

- His BMP-2 Mot-Schützen infantry runs towards the building where his Panzergrenadiers are.
They are too far away for an assault this turn, but next turn they will hit them.
- His BMP-2 aims and fires their Spandrel missiles against the HQ Leopard 1 .
Scores a hit and destroys his HQ Leopard 1.
- 2S1 Carnation fires against the Leopard 2’s in a futile hope of maybe killing 1.
- One of my Spandrel units fires and manages to bail 1 Leopard 2. Whoopie.

Round 4 – West Germans (NATO)

- I rolls for reserves and gets a Leopard 1 unit on the table, he is sending them forward towards my
smaller unit and wants to take them out from the objective. He wishes to cross a forest and bogs
with two out of three Leopard 1’s.
- Leopard 2 remounts the tank.
- My Leopard 1 fires against my recon BRDM2 and kills one. I pass my morale.
- My Leopard 2 moves up towards his trapped Panzergrenadier Zugs holding the other objective
and fires against my remaining BMP1’s. He wipes them out in a fury of earth shattering explosions.

Round 5 – East Germans (Warsaw Pact)

- Barons infantry moves up and begins firing with all they have, bringing his unit down to two Milans.
- Barons BMP-2 moves up and fires against the last two Milans and kill one, forcing a morale at the end
of the shooting which they don’t pass and are removed of the bord.
- 2S1 Carnation fires against the Leopard 2’s again, but no dice.
- Spandrels fire against the Leopard 2’s but fail to penetrate their pesky high armour!
- Barons RPG-7 teams holding the other objective by the wheatfields/foodstore move up towards the
remaining Leopard 1 that is in the open. I score 1 hit and manage to roll a 5+ firepower.
Forcing a morale test, which he fails and they are removed of the board.
By the end of turn 4 I hold both objectives.
Round 5 – West Germans (NATO)

- He rolls again for reserves and get his Gepards on, they waste no time in deploying their rapid fire
cannons on weak targets such as Spandrels and BMP-2’s.
- He destroys 2 BMP-2 and wipes out a unit of Spandrels.
- Two Leopard 2’s move towards my big Mot-Shützen unit and fires on them, killing one team.
- The remaining Leopard moved towards the smaller inf unit and fires, killing one team.
- He decides to go one step further and assaults my smaller inf unit and my defensive fire
harmlessly bounce of his behemoth of a tank. He passes his only assault dice and kills one base.
- I roll for counter-attack but fail and retreat away from the objective.

Round 6 – East Germans (Warsaw Pact)
- He holds one objective with no West German units contesting it.
- The Game ends.
- Victory points: I get 3 points and he gets 4 points for destroying 4 units of East Germans.

How we deployed
The Table we played on
His army
My army!!
Some destroyed T72

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