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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


West German
VS Warsaw Pact
The Communists attacked Hanover with a Motor Rifle Company equipped with BMP-1 and BMP-2s supported by Shilkas battery and 2 Mi-24 Crocodile helicopters.
The defenders had a company of long ago outdated Leo-1 panzers with some limited air support provided by a pair of Tornado planes.
Mission: Counterattack. Deployment in table quarters. One of the objectives is placed in the defender's deployment area, another stays in the neutral territory. 2 of the 3 West German platoons are in the Reserves, and the last one is positioned on the forest's edge in the lower right table quarter. The Soviets place their force compactly in the lower left table quarter to make sure the BMPs will be able to shoot their missiles at the enemy Leopards. Another BMP platoon goes for the objective in the no man's land. Some pre-game thoughts: as the West Germans could get rid of the Mi-24 Crocodiles effectively only by shooting them down with Tornado planes, and the Shilkas prevented that kind of a plan, the Mi-24s were the platoon to win the game for the Communist cause. Will the Soviets be able to use the helicopters properly? We'll see.
USSR First Turn. The Helicopters and BMPs shoot their missiles at the Leopards. One hit! The firepower test failed and the panzer is just bailed out. Good uck for the West Germans!
West Germans First Turn. No reserves. The bailed out crew didn't manage to recover, but the other panzers shot successfully and destroyed all the BMPs in the forest, which were actually a serious threat. A few of the Soviet infantrymen left the burning transport vehicles unharmed.
USSR Second Turn. The remaining BMP platoon rush for the no man's land objective at the maximal speed, and the Crocodiles unload all the missile launchers at the Leopards hiding in the forest. This time it's easier to hit them, but... again just one hit and no FP test! At least the cursed capitalists need a Morale test. But they do pass it! The Soviet commander is really angry.
West Germans Second Turn. Now it's high time to get the reserves, as the Soviet BMPs are too close to the objective. A roll! Another fail, no reserves coming. The panzer crews passed their remount tests though, and are ready for battle. The Leopards have nothing to do but to change their position and gain a foothold at the edge of the farther forest to be able to stop the advancing BMPs if they risk to cross the open space to take the second objective.
USSR Third Turn. BMPs approach the objective. What do they hope for? The panzers will come from reserves anyway! Probably, the Soviet commander still believes the Mi-24 to save his mission. They cannot fail third time in a row! Holding his party membership card with a huge hand and pressing it to his Guards badge (We know, communists have their heart in that area), he throws the dice to find out it's another hit and another failed FP test!
West Germans Third Turn. The Leopards try to get closer to the Soviet BMPs from the forest, but fail 3 cross tests of the four. But that's of no importance, as the other platoon of panzers gets to a good shooting position coming from reserves and is ready to fire at the BMPs.
Endgame. Leopards shot BMPs to wrecks. The Tornado planes destroyed the Mi-24s and the rest of the Communist force was depleted by the West German panzers. As a result, Hanover was saved without any losses on the NATO side. Many thanks to my opponent for the game. I hope sincerely he'll get some better rolls in the future.

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