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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


Warsaw Pact
VS United States

This is my first battle, I apologize for lack of a good description.
As explained to me later in the club, we've played Dust Up mission not quite the right way.
In fact, we fought for the center of the town with reserves coming out of our rear.
We should read the rules much more carefully from now on :)

A table as is before the battle.
Soviet tanks rush forward on the left flank that would distract Abrams and give the BMP the opportunity to get them to the right.
In my turn, the BMP shoot and kill US Cobra's. In its course, arrive A-10 but misses. Another Abrams unit appears already on the right flank.
In my turn, MI-24s arrive and Abrams is killed.
In the meantime, my T-72 was pushed on the left flank, destroying all the American tanks. And also came the help from the second detachment T-72.
The second T-72 platoon moved resolutely through the center of the table. A detachment of BMP who hid behind the forest all this time destroyed 1 American tank. But the opponent flew A-10 and the attack began to stall.
80/5000 Moy opponent reshitel'no dvinul svoi Abramsy vpered i nachal unichtozhat' moi tanki. My opponent resolutely moved his Abrams ahead and began to destroy my tanks.
But he was unlucky and my T-72 quickly went to him aboard using his Stabilizers and shot him in the side armor.
After that, there were no tanks left and I just won by shooting all his infantry.

But the victory of the Soviet troops was in vain because at that moment a terrible creature broke into the battlefield and destroyed the remnants of Soviet troops.
This monster was clearly controlled by a laser (which we've unwisely used for test the line of sight).
Photo after trying again to restore the table. Never play in a house with a cat, with a table on which is not a fixed cover.

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Warsaw Pact