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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

No Retreat, No Surrender

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

No Retreat, No Surrender

CT Seal1 had redeployed to the rear to conduct a series of field repairs in preparation for the Russian breakout. The radio whistled into life and informed the CT that the Russian had broken through and starting their advance towards Hof. This was straight towards their battlegroup. The CO ordered Seal1 to hold their current position and deny enemy advance in their sector for the following 12 hours to allow the main force to ready the main defensive area.

Orders were given to the CT, the enemy force would arrive within the area at 0400. The plan was to use the night has cover and engage the enemy before moving back to the next location. The lack of recon element concerned Major Shadow, but they were task elsewhere.
The Russian advanced at the rapid rate towards the concealed M1 hide, as they across the marker, the M1 unleashed their firepower into the lead scout and T-72 element. The return fire had limited effect, but the Russian maintain their advance.

The VADs commander, LT Lucado informed Major Shadow of six quick moving assets heading towards the lead M1s on the small hill. Major Shadow suspected that the blips were the Hinds moving forward to take out the M1s, but he had a surprise waiting for them. The VADs using the night had been positioned just to the rear of the M1s to provide AA defence against them. As the Hinds started their attack run, the VADs opened fired and destroyed 4 instantly. The remaining two Hinds were able to destroy one tank in return.

Russian now able to identify the VADs location tried to destroy them but was only able to destroy one of them and take out another M1. The Russian infantry moved to secure their objective using the cover of night.

The dawn broke and the Russian Infantry was identified. Concern for T11 on the left hill, Major Shadow advanced with T12 to destroy the infantry near T11. The machine guns raked the infantry and cut them down to two teams as they withdraw back over the hill. T11 continued to engage the remaining T-72 and was able to destroy the unit

The VADs lost another two vehicles before retiring from the battlefield, but not before destroying the other two Hinds. The Russian jets started their attack runs which were slowly destroying the M1s.
M1s destroyed the ZSUs and remaining infantry to allow the Cobras to advance to destroy the remaining T-72. The Russians managed to take out the last two tanks of T11 by T-72s and Frogfoots.

CT Seal1 had done it but had lost more than 50% of their M1s but had destroyed the Russian force that had tried to breakthrough.

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