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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Baptism of fire

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Baptism of fire

The gold oak leaf on Major Shadow’s uniform was still bright after been promoted three week prior to the deployment to Europe after the increase Russian activity on the West/East Germany boarder. The armoured group had only just completed training before the deployment, inexperience generally equated to combat loses. Due to this level of experience the combat team had been given the call sign Seal1.

The combat team (CT) had been sent to Frankfurt to conduct lead up training and battle preparation in order to prepare for a future operation to reinforce one of the battle group on the front. Just has the combat team had completed its morning training and was conducting resupply for the afternoon training. The radio-operator from Major Shadow’s tank yelled that he had a message from higher.

CT Seal1 is to contain enemy forces breaking out of Fulda Gap. Likely enemy mech company move to secure sectors in your location.

This was it, it was time to place their training into action.

Russian T-72 led the mech company towards Frankfurt on the outskirts of a small town. CT Seal1 had positioned its self along the small hills to the east of the town. The two opposing tank forces engaged each other at range with little effect. Most shell failed to penetrate the armour, apart from Bravo 3 inexperience driver exposing the right side of his tank. The Russian shells ripped apart the side of Bravo 3 tank. The first casualty to the CT, but Major Shadow had little time to reflect on what had happened as the shells slammed against his Abrams. Despite the loss of Bravo 3, Bravo was able to reduce the Russian AA assets and hopefully allow safe passage for the Cobra gunships.

The Russian advance had been halted but there was little sign of who would win the battle. Each side was unable to gain the upper hand over the other. The Russian commander decided to use his numbers to apply pressure on CT Seal1. At this point Viper1 arrived and unleashed its TOWs on to the Russian force from their cobras reducing their force on the left. This was the advance Major Shadow had been waiting for and advance with Bravo to destroy the remaining Russian tanks. Alpha was able to hold the other Russian tanks at bay for the loss one tank.

Bravo then swung to support Alpha and destroyed the remaining Russian tanks that were moving to destroy Alpha and secure the right flank. Once the Russian armoured removed from the battlefield the Abrams advance with the Viper1 providing overwatch. The Russian armoured carriers where no match for the Abrams as they advanced on the objectives. The Russians fought hard and were able to destroy one Cobra and a few other vehicles before they withdrew back to the main battle group.

Major Shadow was impressed that CT Seal1 had inflicted heavy casualties on the Russian forces with only minimal loses to his combat team. He was thankful that he and most of his men had survived this baptism of fire. He started writing his battle report for higher as the rest of the CT started the battlefield clearance.

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