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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

OPFOR for Defense of Kittentel by Charlie Squadron 17th/21st Lancer

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Storm Caller
VS Warsaw Pact
Mikle friesky

The plan was simple; I would advance most of the Tank down the road with Motor Rifle Company on the right !

The plan was simple; I would advance the Most the Tank and the artillery down the road with Motor Rifle Company on the right!

Part of 1st Tank Company would cover advance on the left side of the train track.

The remaining tanks would travel down the road and once in position be cover by a smoke screen laid by the artillery.

The motorized Company BMP-2 would be on the right and stay at a range to draw out the fire of the British.

The Infantry would advance to the left of the BMP-2 and assault the Factor from the front with the support of the tanks.

The zoos would cover the move of the tanks to the right of the rail tracks and the BMP-2

The Hinds and Frog foots would attack tank as the primary targets.

Between the BMP-2 missiles and the Frog Foot’s, I was able to destroy most of the chieftains.

The Tanks and Artillery on the left side seemed to have problems advance with the rest of the formation.

The 2nd Company of tanks and the Commander were able to clear the Factory with direct fire to allow the infantry to advance and take the key location!

Sorry for the short report I was running out of time!

My left!
My Left Center
My Right Center
My Right
Tanks Advane
Infatry Advancing
The hole advance looking from the south
Russian fire results! Burning British!
The Last remaining Vechicle
And now he is gone too!
Destroyed by Russian Air (Harrier Prox)!

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