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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Outskirts of Amsterdam

Warsaw Pact
VS West German

Mission: Amsterdam Hasty Attack
Points: 73
Mayór Platov had the small village of Dalen in sight, intelligence said that there could only be a few tired and beten light elements in the vicinity, there should be no problem for his powerful tank force to take it and the vital resources that the Dutch people was surly more than willing to provide the army with and also provide flank protection for the main thrust into the heartland.
But Paltov had heard it all before, and he prepared his forces to move out. The tanks would lead the way and the infantry would tanke up positions and hold them.

The battlefield

Paltov and one of his depleted companies would take on the town from the left and Kapitán Fock and his T-64s would take the right side of town and provide supporting fire with their missiles. Fock and his company was also the first to lay eyes on the enemy, this was no tired light elements, but the cream of the German army, the dreaded Leopards. Although few, they would be quite a match for Paltovs tanks and he hoped that his follow up units would link up as fast as possible.

Setup, T-72 on the left, T-64s on the right. In the center a platoon of Leopard 2s and on the right a single Leopard 2 HQ

Before he could give the order to move out the second company of T-72 tanks drove in on the right of Focks company, and Paltov sigh in relief and gave the order to move out. Fock let no time go to waste and all his tanks fired as one obscuring the field in smoke, Paltovs tanks advanced and fired on the move. When the smoke cleared a bit, one of the dreaded tanks was on fire.

The rush of battle was upon the Russians, and the sweet taste of victory was just a little breath away, when the germans retaliated, with well placed rounds first one of Paltovs tanks went up in smoke, another got hit hard but survived and a last one had to start putting out a small fire before they could move on. Over on the other flank the second company got the wrath of the german commander and a yet one more tank had it's turret flew of in an impressive arc before coming down hard next to the burning inferno that used to be the chassi. This was far from over.

The dash forward continued, now all units surged forward to get hold of the germans before the inevitable reinforcements arrives. Paltov ordered Fock to get his company and in a pincer move take on the Leopards, none of them would be strong enough to take them on themselves, and on the far right the hunt for the german commander was on.
Paltov saw the hits on the germans, all around they hit them and the first to buckle under was hit form behind from Fock, the maneuver was working. He got his company to shift target and after felt like an hailstorm av shells, he saw black smoke from the tanks, and it's movement stopped. The primary threat had been eliminated.
Although he could hear the chatter on the radio and the thunder of guns on the right, he could see no result as of yet.

The german commander was feeling the presure now, and with a last stand attitude, took aim and took the lives of another crew.

The end was near, Paltov could feel it, the center of town was cleared, the infantry was coming up to take possesion of it, and Fock just told him that they got the last german on the ropes. He smiled as he heard the booms of 125mm guns, and the radio flicked on.
"Mayór this is Kapitán Fock, targets eliminated, the area is cleared"

On this side the flanks would be clear.

The end of the resistance

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