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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


Warsaw Pact
VS West German


“This will be a meeting engagement, comrade… “ whispered captain seeing the row of Leopard 2 through his binoculars “... or more annihilation” Major Viper smiled.
“The West German forces will be moving directly our in direction. This is surprisingly aggressive…” “Major Viper, these Leos have a range and firepower advantage. I suggest to move along the town.”

“Captain, let’s take a look at the map...” Major Viper took a look at the battle plan

Battle Plan

Major Viper moved his T-72 Force with his three BMP as covering force west of the town.

flash and a surprise...

Flash, and a explosion signaled Viper that not all the West Germans took the east route along the town.

T-72 vs Leo 1s

“Major Viper, two Leopard 1s at twelve o’clock, Permission to fire?” Now Major Viper exploded “ARE YOU KIDDING? All units: Fire at will!” Two AT-6 Saggers raced between his T-72, while the tanks also opened fire. Two shots and two missiles only changed one Leo to a smoking wreck. The Leo leader backed up north behind the cover of the village.

“Move East into the town or the Leo 2s will create a massacre. Our T-64 company is losing ground there.”

covering the eastern flank

Major Viper and his T-72 company moved carefully into town and to the cover of a stone wall.

“Where is the Leo 1, captain?”
“Unknown, Major Viper” replied the captain nervously.

Holding the flank

Not too late came the T-72s to the rescue. “Comrade Major, we lost all T-64 except one.” the captain reported with fear in his voice “..and the Leo 2 and Marders try to circle us, comrade.”

Major Viper analyzed “..maybe but we killed one Leo 2 at the rock in the center at the big rock.Tell our southern BMPs to fall back and tell them to take cover in the woods”

The dark Leo 2s moved along with the two marders further south.

close to the break through

Not too soon AT-6 Saggers raced from the woods towards the tanks...killing the spearhead.

“What is that?” the captain shouted. The Leo 1 rushed through the town...only to be stopped by the Major Viper’s T-72. “That was personal” Major Viper whispered icily.

Leo's surprise

Sir, our last T-64 and our BMP west of the town found the missing two Marders. They tried to move west of the town...again. They were eliminated.”

Marder's end

Major Viper and his captain took a look at the battlefield.
In the distance the Marder along with the German HQ was racing to the north...leaving the area.


“This time we won captain.“ Major Viper said thoughtfully “I wonder if we see this West German unit again...”

“Wir sehen uns wieder / We will see us again” Hauptmann Volker angrily said to himself five kilometers away and looking back at the burning wrecks.

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Warsaw Pact