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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Knife Fight in Holstein

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Michael Mosgaard
Board setup. The russians set up in the south, planning a strong push towards the German tank units. The goal is to catch them off guard.
The russian forces, at the outskirts of town. Turn one
End of turn one. One German tank platoon destroyed, the other one bogged down and hiding. The russian forces spread out and start moving on the objective to the west. Two T-72s are burning.
Turn four. The germans fall back, the russians boldly push forwards. The western objective is secured by the Russians. The BMP´s have been killed by German tank fire. Both helicopter squadrons are down to one gunship. In turn six, my opponent got his first reserves, managing to bring on his remaining Leopard II Platoon and his HQ unit. These took their toll on my T-72´s on the western objective, but in turn I killed his CC and one of the tanks from the platoon. After turn seven we had to call the game. At that point, my opponent was down to a single platoon of Leopard II´s and I was down to six T-72´s, one Shilka and a HIND. Narrow win for the Warzaw Pact.

After Battle Report - Efreitor Volkov reporting

This morning, less than two hours ago, the forces under my command were ordered into combat for the glory of the motherland!
We moved under the cover og darkness, but found the germans waiting in ambush. A short exchange of fire left two of our T-72's burning, and two Leopard II's destroyed. The enemy had hunter-killer helicopter support, but our formidable anti-Air units suppressed them for the most part.
More Leopard II's joined battle during the morning, with my units amassing five confirmed tank kills, as well as a downed enemy helicopter.
Our losses are still being accounted for, but may be as high as 50% of my command, depending on what repairs the technical crews are able to make.

Requisition: Infantry support is vital when taking towns and villages. I formally request that a motorised infantry company be released to my command, as well as more light armored units.

For the Union!
Volkov, signing out

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Warsaw Pact


  • AlohaRover says:

    Nice report, love the table

  • Volkov says:

    Yeah, 2 tank platoons are easy to hide, but a single bail from disaster at any time.
    We had a fantastic, and super tense game, not least because after the initial turns, I started to roll an inordinate amount of ones. 😀

    As for the table layout, we talked about the scenario beforehand, and figured that a crossroad would be a good place for an ambush by a small unit of night-hunter tanks. 🙂

  • M. Nisbet says:

    And lo did the West German player learn a valuable lesson that day: 2 tank platoons are an accident waiting to happen. Good luck in the next one, commander.

  • Klute says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great table layout. I am getting some great ideas for upcoming tables.

  • Hunts says:

    So sad to see those understrength West Germans relocating to a more advantageous position closer to home. The borders must be held. Nice report.

  • Baron says:

    Greetings Comrade Volkov!

    Your Brothers in arms are happy to hear of your success and it will inspire us to achieve your level of commitment and determination!
    A very good after action report aswell, hope to read more games from you soon again 🙂