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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Recon Das Hoff!

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Major B

The NATO forces that have been up and down in the defense of the Hof Corridor, take a chance and follow up a well respected Recon scout platoon and dive into the gap between the warring formations, and go for broke to find the weakness on the frontier.

East Germans roll in heavy.

A mixed company of Mech Infantry following the Scout Platoon, quickly and efficiently set up a wide coverage of fire, again protecting the lunch lines at the local Wiener Wagon franchise. With deep lanes of Dragon, Improved TOW and even LAW shoulder launchers, with a pair of Cobra birds waiting in the reserve just behind the formations. Quickly the East German Panzers spread across the field moving to take objectives round the small village, the wall of Warsaw Pact Armor a daunting sight to the American gunners as they looked over the thermal sights.

In defense of the Lunch Wagon.

As luck would be, a quick volley of fire from a company of T-72M dispatched the lead flanking section of M901s. The lead track aflame, the team member quickly redeploying to the rear and away from the fight. The advancing wall of steel causing the American team to waver a few moments, and then with a rallying cry, streaks of weapons all along the defense line engaged. In seconds multiple East German units were burning and cooking off all along the front.

Advance of the Panzers
M901 aflame.

The GDR Battalion commander, was thrown from his crippled track and he quickly saddled up in to the remaining T72M company, and attempted to rally the unit across the formation. 125mm rounds fell in and among the dug in foxholes and buildings of the American units, luckily not injuring any of the lucky troopers.

Death of the company.

The following moments became an orgy of American vengeance for the brutal over run of the sister company earlier in the week, as missile after missile from Dragon and TOW units made impact on advancing armor units. The remaining units that were not hidden behind structures, were taken with long range TOW fire from the hovering attack choppers, leaving the partial remains of a company of T55AM2 and a broken section of BMP1 and the attached infantry. Knowing this battle was done, they quickly used the smoke and flames to retreat the field, in the background the American forces moving to secure the objectives about the town and the choppers moving to continue to recon north into the breach in the Pact lines.

Defense Sucessful!

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