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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The Bear in Hof

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Warsaw Pact
Comrade Oldwolf
VS United States

Turn One Russian-
Infantry shot at US Infantry, no casualties
Scout BMP fires and hits M113 forcing Bail out

Turn One US-
M113 platoons rush and machine gun Russian Infantry platoon, 3 stands killed
Dragon gunners destroy one T-64 in 1st company
Law gunners destroy two Russian BMP-2's
M901's miss AT 4's
Cobra's destroy one T-64 in 2nd company
M1 platoon destroy two T-64's in 2nd Company and destroy two AT 4's
Russian Infantry platoon fails morale cutting losses and leaving the field.

Turn Two Russian-
Battalion Commander destroys M1 tank
152 Artillery fail to damage M1's with Krasnopol rounds

Turn Two US-
Dragons destroy Battalion CO T-64, CO moves to 2nd Company
2nd platoon of Dragons force Bail out on 2nd Company T-64
M113 platoon fire and force Bail out on last Recon BMP
Zeus Bailed out by M1 fire
Cobra's destroy two 152 Artillery guns

Turn three Russian-
Artillery fires and misses infantry platoon
Recon BMP remounts and destroys one M113
2nd Company T-64 kills one infantry squad in building

Turn three US-
M113 platoon versus Fist track, forcing a Bail out
2nd M113 platoon versus Recon BMP, forcing a Bail out
Dragons destroy T-64 in 2nd company
M901 destroys Zeus in the open

Turn four Russian-
Recon BMP remounts and destroys M113

Turn four US-
US forces destroy remaining T-64 unit, 152 Artillery, the last Spandrel AT 4 and the last Recon BMP clearing the field.

Victory to the US

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