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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

First encounter in Frankfort

United States
Das Katze
VS Warsaw Pact
Das Doge

US vs WP in Frankfort

NATO turn 1. Commander stuck in crater. One of the ITVs in a hurry to redeploy got stuck on a log. Bravo team moved to a firing position and failed to penetrate two t64s. Alpha team was able to move into a early firing position and knock out two T64s. Meanwhile the infantry of Charlie team hurried to cover the objective from the soviet spearhead.

Soviet turn 1. 1st company moved around the flank of alpha team to get better shots while his second company of T64s charged forward. Meanwhile his BMPs were making a drive for the objective Charlie team was on. He moved his artillery into a direct fire position. 1st company took out alpha team. While 2nd company only knocked out bravo 2. His BMP recon knocked out 3rd track and bailed 1st track of Charlie team but the infantry were ok.

NATO turn 2. ITV 2 is still stuck and the FIST is still getting into position. Bravo team returns fire and only bails 2 tanks of 2nd company. Meanwhile the infantry unpinned and opened fire on the BMP scouts killing one while the .50cal gunners on the M113s fail to penetrate the BMPs. After bailing 2 tanks Bravo team pulled back to get to a better firing position.

Soviet turn 2. One tank of 2nd company remounted while the other is still checking his tank. 1st company advances down the positions where alpha team was located. Meanwhile the shilkas seem to be scanning the skies for aircraft away from the action. 2nd company and battalion command pull back to help the assault on the objective. His carnations open fire and bail another tank of bravo team leaving only the unit leader active. The BMPs open up on the infantry of Charlie team killing two dragons and two infantry teams while one of the tanks of 2nd company take out another track.

NATO turn 3. Tanks of bravo team pass their morale and remount while Charlie team rallies but the tracks retreat to a safer position. Charlie team engages the BMPs and bails 2 and kills a 3rd BMP. The artillery opens up and knocks out a carnation. The commander knocks out 1 tank of 1st company while a shot from the ITV knocks out another. The tanks of bravo team bail a carnation and knock out the enemy commander.

Soviet turn 3. He passes his morale on the BMPs and remaining tank of 1st company while the remaining carnation runs off. One of the BMPs remount while the other stays bailed out. One of the tanks from 2nd company is still bailed out. The remaining tank of 1st company moves to get a side shot on the US commander while the BMPs and tanks of 2nd company advance to try to encircle the infantry of Charlie team. The shilkas have realized that they're being left behind and move up to help. The remaining tank of 1st company knocks out the us commander. One of the tanks of 2nd company knocks out bravo lead while the BMPs take out another infantry stand.

NATO turn 4. The remaining infantry and last tank of bravo team retreat leaving only the ITVs and supporting artillery behind. The FIST team is relocating again while the ITVs take shots at the remaining tanks of 1st and 2nd company destroying what was left of 1st company.

Soviet turn 4. He remounted the remaining tanks and now advanced onto the objectives. While trying to take shots at the remaining ITVs and artillery he missed the ITV but takes out an M109.

NATO turn 5. After failing to blitz move the ITVs, the artillery attempted a last ditch bombardment on the teams on the objective. Killed both BMPs but failed to knock out a T64.

Side note My opponent used T72s as stand ins for T64s
My opponents list,

T-64 Tank Battalion HQ (p.89) - 1x T-64 (6 pts)
T-64 Tank Company (p.90) - 5x T-64 (25 pts)
T-64 Tank Company (p.90) - 5x T-64 (25 pts)
BMP-2 Recon Platoon (p.94) - 3x BMP-2 (5 pts)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon (p.91) - 4x ZSU-23-4 Shilka (4 pts)
2S1 Carnation SP Howitzer Battery (p.95) - 3x 2S1 Carnation (5 pts)

BMP-1 Observation Post (p.96) - 1x BMP-1 OP (1 pts)
BMP-2 Recon Platoon (p.94) - 3x BMP-2 (5 pts)
76 Points

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