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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Action at Dawn

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VS Warsaw Pact
Tovarishch Vilgelm

The mission itself raided a few questions. The diagram has a label ‘NATO player places units here’ right below the center-line but para 4 says back 8” from center-line. So the deployment area has an area you cannot deploy. We think the intent was to limit Pact spearhead move as the deployment areas are 16” apart. Not sure how a NATO recon move would be played. From a narrative perspective it’s hard to understand why a rearguard that’s pulling forces off the table would also have reinforcements arriving.

B Coy deploys 3 inf platoons, M109 btry - 3 tanks in ambush.
Russians deploy with Spearhead concentrated against NATO right flank.

Game start saw 2 inf coy supported by BMPs advance on the British right out of the woods. The mine plow T72 s tried to clear the mines but failed. British brought in the Harrier flight and positioned it over the Arty and some BMPs. The Chieftains emerged from ambush on the ridge in the woods but did not shhot. The Arty and GPMG section managed to pin both infantry companies, along with their MANPAD.
SEAD accomplished the Harriers delivered an effective strike killing 2/3 of the battery and 3 BMP. AA fire was sporadic.

Harriers Attack

Soviet return fire was focused on the hilltop Chieftains but not effective.
Another troop of Chieftains and a Milan section came on the board at opposite ends.
The Harriers again came on board as 2 of the 3 Gremlin teams were still pinned. This time T72 AAMG s fire brought down two of the four ship flight. The Chieftains destroyed both Soviet mineplow T72's and successfully scooted back into the woods without bogging.

As it was still dark the two Soviet companies advanced toward 4 platoon. They got to within a foot and were destroyed in seconds. The Harriers and Chieftain troop in the south withdrew while 2 of the 3 in the north bogged getting back to their firing positions. Air support duties were taken over by a flight of Lynx who prudently loitered off board.

Soviet ATGM and T72 fire remained ineffective in the dark. Dawn broke at the start of the NATO player turn. The Milan section withdrew not having even debused. They were replaced by a MILAN MCT section. The two bogged Chieftains successfully executed a blitz order and brewed up another T72. 4,5& 6 platoon Milans and arty continued to whittle down BMPs.

Uh oh daylight 1

Soviet return fire brewed up 2 of 3 Chieftains and the third passed his morale and withdrew off the board. The Lynxs bailed 2 T72 and the M109s ranged in on and pinned the last Soviet infantry co. However the Gophers were now in action and the helo survival was uncertain so they loitered off board rest of the battle. At this point the battle was a duel between 4 Milan stands and about half a dozen T72. The British commander had the Milans cease fire - the Soviets either had to assault with their tanks or - as it turned out - game over.

Losses were 2 Chieftains, 2 Harrier and 4 infantry stands.
I should note that
(1) reinforcements came on every turn
(2) This was my opponents first 'night' battle and the first time he had seen minefields.

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