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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Offensive near Magdeburg

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv

The US Forces rushed forward into East Germany as they run into a well prepared but still weak russian defense line near Magdeburg. The GI's saw their chance to break the resistance before the russian get reinforcements. A hard struggle between the two forces began.

Nico's Soviet Forces:
1x Command T-64
5x T-64 (Cobra)
4x T-64 (Cobra)
12x BMP-2
4x Gopher
3x Gvozdika
4x Hinds

My US Forces
1x Command M1
4x M1
3x M1
4x Vulcans
3x M109
1x Mech. Inf. platoon
2x Cobras
2x ITVs
2x Scout platoon

The Mission was No retreat with the me as attacker.

The set-up
US Deployment
Russian Deployment


The US-Troops moved forward hidden by the dark of the night. The only things they could attack were the Dug-in infantry company in the front of the city. Both M1 platoons and the artillery opened fire but they only pinned the russian infantrymen.

The communists returned fire with the BMP's on the hill and the newly arrived Hinds. Together they destroyed two of the Tanks and bailed the other two.

The massed US Forces pushed forward
The Hinds lost no time and attacked immediately


The first M1 Platoon moved around the small wood, the remaining M1's of the other platoon remount and all M1's fired on the BMP's killing 6 of them. Both, ITV- and scout platoon tried to move through the woods and in both platoons one vehicle became bogged down.
The Cobras swinging around and blasted the Hinds out of the sky.

The russians answers with the destruction of the remaining two M1's in the middle. The 2S1's bailed out two M113's

Where are those russian helicopters???
The BMP's avenge the Hinds


To cover the advancing M1's the M109 fired a smoke screen beside the city. Together the ITV's and the Cobras started their missiles and destroyed three more BMP's. Meanwhile M1's blew up the whole communists artillery.

Trough the smoke the ambushing T-64's rumbled in the open and killed three of the surprised M1's

No chance for the artillery
Now the M1's had no chance


The Commander raced past the T-64's and put one in flames. Three more were killed by the Cobras and the ITV's. The Vulcans closed in on the other side of the wood in the centre and the M113 still crawled around in front of the the russian infantry unable to reach them.
The communist infantry had enough and killed one of the transports and build the other three. Behind the them in the city the remaining T-64' finished of the command M1.

The T-64's or what remained of the ambush
Uh...ähm it remains enough to deal with the US-Commander

TURN 5 and 6:

Not much happened during this two turns. The M109's fired again and again on the russian infantry without much effect. The US infantry did absolutely...
...nothing. The remained pinned down (and this for three Turns!!!!)
My Scouts rushed forward towards the objective.

On the russian side the Gopher and the second T-64's arrived. But both didn't much.

The Table at the start of Turn 5
The never-ending pinned and unpinned story at the centre


The Cobras killed the last two BMP's and the scouts captured the objective. The US-Troops reached for victory. But this victory stood on very wobbling feet and now every shoot counts.
The ITVs had to kill the remaining T-64's in the centre so they locked on their targets and...
...missed totally.

In return the T-64's drove to the captured objective and killed the M113 of the scout platoon.
At the centre the russian infantry had enough of the loitering Mech. platoon at their front door and just rinsed them of.
Finally the Gophers killed a Cobra the second one turned around and escaped.
With that the communists finished the US-Troops.

"Now its enough!"
A very short triumph for the scouts
The End

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Warsaw Pact
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