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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Bloodbath in Bremen

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

After the grind of Hamburg, the East Geman survivors reconstituted themselves into new combat units and were ready to resume the advance westward. The time appeared ripe to attempt a breakthrough in the Bremen sector. The exits of one of the villages along the road to Bremen was dominated by Hill 243. Their orders were to seize that hill.


The two tank and one mechanized infantry formations were task organized in the following manner. A company of three T-55s and a reduced company of infantry mounted in BMP-1s were sent deep into enemy lines to conduct a turning movement and approach the objective from the rear. A larger infantry company would advance into the town, clearing houses as they went. Two companies of three T-72s each would advance on the left, while three companies of T-55s would advance on the right with nine BMP-2s in overwatch. Two platoons of Shilkas remained in the rear ready to support the infantry when they encountered enemy infantry or light armored vehicles. A small detachment of infantry would land by helicopter in the woods on the far left to reduce the chance of an enemy ambush. Red Banner SU-25s remained on standby to assist when needed. Though after the reluctance of the Soviet Air Force to show up over Hamburg, all ground forces were instructed to make  eliminating enemy AA assets their top priority in the hopes of encouraging the SU-25s to make an appearance.


As the infantry advanced into the city they encountered an enemy infantry platoon holding the center of town with two Luchs recon vehicles parked nearby. Their Fuchs transports identified the enemy as elements of a West German armored recon company, probably screening the approaches to Bremen. On the right as one formation of T-55s crossed the valley a platoon of Leopard 1s appeared on the opposite Ridge and T-55s began to burn. The Leopards survived the return fire and disappeared back behind the ridge. On the left the T-72s spotted a unit of infantry SAMs and raced to crush them under their tracks.


The armored recon must have radioed for help because the first of several units began to arrive. On the far left another Luchs patrol arrived forcing the helo assault to abort. A platoon of Leopard 2s which had previously avoided detection suddenly appeared in front of the T-72s. The sudden eruption of the lead T-72 into flames convinced the other two in the company to swerve into town for cover. The other T72 company moved to try to get flank shots on the Leopard 2s. But it was a massed Hind attack that killed one of the Leopard 2s. A Leopard 1 platoon arrived behind the Luchs platoon and took the T72s in the flank destroying all three.


Back on the right the Leopard 1s moved back up the ridge to fire again. This time they were joined by four Gepards which fired on the BMPs. The hail of fire they unleashed stunned several BMP crews. However most of them recovered quickly. Now that the Gepards had been sighted every weapon that could be brought to bear fired at them. Three became burning wrecks. With this accomplished a quick call on the radio and the SU-25s swooped in to wipe out the Leopard 1 platoon. With the way clear more T-55s moved into the valley. At this time another enemy infantry platoon arrived behind them. Braving machine gun fire from the BMPs they maneuvered into position to fire their panzerfausts into the rear of the tanks. Against all odds they manage to destroy the tanks before succumbing to the BMPs.


The surviving Leopard 2s shifted behind the village to attempt to get shots at the T72s in town. The surviving Gepard  withdrew back into woods behind the ridge. From this position it was able to knock out three Hinds swooping in to attack the Leopards. An assault on the enemy infantry in the center of town faced such withering fire that it had to pull back to its original position. The Shilkas moved up to add their firepower to keep the enemy's heads down and  with the help of the T72s destroy the Luchs platoon in town. At this point the flank attack arrived. The infantry raced to the objective while the vehicles rushed to fire into the rear of the Leopard 2s. The T-55s moved up moved and fired but missed. The BMP-1s moved into firing position with lightning speed but only managed to bail out one enemy tank. The tank crew quickly remounted.  The arrival of the flank attack causes the defense to collapse back on the objective. From the left the Leopard 1s, the SAMs, and now two platoons of Luchs converge on the flank attack. The Gepard and Fuchs carriers attack from the right. In the center the Leopard 2s turn their attention to the threat in their rear. Even the infantry in the center of town displace back toward the objectives leaving only a Milan team to cover them. Under this mass attack the flank attack vehicles are quickly turned to wrecks. The infantry last only a little longer. But the fight takes its toll. Both Leopard 2s are destroyed and under cover of the Shilkas the friendly infantry in town are able to seize the town center overlooking the objectives and now exposed enemy infantry. The T72s moved onto the near objective with one surviving long enough to allow the friendly infantry to wipe out the SAMs. The BMPs on the right were delayed by the arrival of yet another Luchs platoon but now arrive on the objectives. The final fight for the Hill is brutal. The West Germans fight to the last. When their last team is destroyed only the BMP-2s and their infantry company which attacked through town remains  in good spirits. The way to Bremen is now clear.

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